How to save a GIF on computer?

How to save a GIF on smartphone?

How do I share a GIF on Facebook from My computer?

How do I share a GIF on WhatsApp from my smartphone?

How do I share GIFs on other social networks?

Are GIF free on this website?

Can I use GIFs on my website?

Can I send you the GIFs made by me?

When will I see my GIFs online?

How do I create an animated GIF?

Can I place a banner on my website?

Where can I find your banners?


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D. How do I save the GIF on my Computer on this site?

R. Move your mouse over the GIF of your interest, click the right mouse button and select the item "Save image as" from the menu that appears.

Salva Immagine PC

D. How do I save GIF on my Smartphone or Tablet on this site?

R. Keep your finger pressed for at least 2 seconds on the GIF of your interest and select the item "Download Image" from the menu that appears.

Scarica Immagine da Mobile

D. How do I share on Facebook an animated GIF that I have in my computer?

R. First method;
Choose the GIF you want to share, click the right mouse button and select the item "Save image as" from the menu.

Salva Immagine Con Nome

Once downloaded, go to Facebook and click on "Photo / Video" to upload it.

Pulsante Facebook Upload Foto e Video

Select from your Computer the GIF that you downloaded and want to insert on Facebook.

Carica GIF

Click on the "Publish Facebook" button, wait a few seconds for the upload and upload phase of the image.

Pulsante Pubblica

Published! Remember that to load animated GIFs on Facebook in this way it is necessary that the animated images are of a width equal to or greater than 120 pixels.

Risultato Finale

R. Second method;
Choose the GIF you want to share, click the right mouse button and select the "Copy Image Address" item from the menu.

Copia L'Indirizzo Dell'immagine

Now go to Facebook and "paste" the address of the image you copied.

Incolla L'Indirizzo Su Facebook

Click on the "Publish" button.

GIF Incollata Su Facebook

Did! Here is the result.

Risultato Finale

D. How do I share the GIFs I have on my Smartphone with my contacts on WhatsApp?

R. Keep your finger pressed for at least 2 seconds on the GIF of your interest and select the item "Download Image" from the menu.

Scarica Immagine

Go to "Photo Gallery" or "Roll" of your device and view the image you want to share.

Immagine in Galleria o Rullino

Give a slight touch with your finger on the image, at the bottom of the screen will appear various icons, select the button "Sharing", on Android devices is the first icon on the left.

Pulsante Share Smartphone

A list of all the applications you can use to share will appear, select "WhatsApp", you'll see a list of all your contacts.

Visualizza Contatti

Choose one or more contacts and press the "Green check" on the bottom right of the screen.

Selezione Contatto Destinatario

Before submitting the image you can also add a "Caption", press the green button at the bottom right to confirm the sending.

Pulsante Invio di Whatsapp

Did! Here's the end result.

Risultato Finale

D. How does the GIF share for all other social networks such as Twitter, Google +, WeChat or Telegram?

R. The sharing process is very similar and sometimes also completely identical to what we saw earlier for Facebook and WhatsApp.

D. The GIFs featured on this site are free and free of use?

R. Yes, completely free.

D. Are they really free?

R. Yes.

D. Seriously, are they free?

R. Yes!!! :-D

D. Can I use them for my website and blog?

R. Certainly! We would be very pleased if you quote at least the source where you took them.

D. Can I send you the ones I made?

R. Yes, at the email address emugifs@gmail.com
Remember to put your name or nickname in the subject of the mail and tell us where they were taken from, such as a movie, a music video, a videogame, a football game, a concert, an event etc.
You can send file attachments in the following formats;
.gif   .png   .zip   .rar   .7-Zip
Do not exceed 50 megabytes (MB) total.
Do not copy material from other websites.

D. When will I see them online?

R. Time permitting in a matter of days.

D. How do I create an animated GIF or a sprite?

R. First you have to determine what you want to accomplish and decide where to extrapolate the animation, or create it entirely from scratch. I made a video tutorial where I show how to "Rip" a sprite and animate it through the emulator WinKawaks, you can view it below.

D. Can I place a
banner on my website or blog?

R. Sure.

D. Where do I find them?

R. Below are several banners and buttons.
Various sizes are available.
Choose the one you like the most.
Copy and paste the HTML code of the banner you want to insert on your website.

Emugifs - Free Animated GIFs

Emugifs - Free Animated GIFs

Emugifs - Free Animated GIFs


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